Road and Track Program

A combination of our After Six Track Experience and Historical Road Tour packages, Enjoy a guided tour around the beautiful Ardenne region, visiting historical and current parts of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Afterwards, experience an exclusive evening track session on the most beautiful circuit in the world, with our world-class trainers guiding you around the track. A full day in our all-new Lotus Exige 240S cars will take your breath away!

A guided group tour in our all-new Lotus Exige 240S works supplied cars. The tour leads you alongside the new Francorchamps track, the mighty old track passing Burnenville and the infamous Masta kink leading to Malmedy and Stavelot. You drive in the guided tour for up to 3 hours (depending on preferences) enjoying the spectacular Spa-Francorchamps area.

A very exclusive 2 hour summer evening session on the most beautiful track in the world, with almost no traffic! You drive a Lotus Exige 240S in a school program which includes convoy sessions and a taxi hot lap at the end of the session.

What is included:
Lotus Tour, Tour guide, Instructions, Basic insurance, Fuel, Track access, Instructors on track, Taxi hot lap.

What is NOT included:
Extensive insurance package. The basic insurance leaves an excess of €7500 per incident. Extra insurance is available at €150 per person for the Lotus and €75 per person for the Clio Cup. This extra insurance reduces the excess to €2500.

On selected days in the year. Please contact us for details. We require a minimum number of 3 cars or 6 drivers/passengers to run the tour, or you can upgrade to a private road and track program.

Upgrade options: Private Road and Track Program:
It is always possible to upgrade to a private Road and Track program in case there are no other customers for the requested date. In this program you will get a private tour guide and a private instructor while on track. The session on track is partly guide driving (lead and follow) and partly the instructor is sitting in the passenger seat. A taxi hot lap is supplied at the end of the session.

Lotus Exige 240S Private Road and Track program: €2695
RenaultSport Clio Cup Private Road and Track program: €1495

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