RSR Testimonials

“Thank you and your wonderful and dedicated service staff. Also a special thank you to Terry and Alexis for the good and caring instructions during the day. I knew, of course, that you had a lot of connections, but I underestimated your connections to the one above, that brought us the special weather. We have participated in many trackdays and had many good experiences. However, I would not hesitate to say, that the organization of the day, the services and the operation of the day was outstanding. The best experience ever, so far.” - Dag S. Hanssen

“We’ve partnered with the RSR team for several years on client entertainment programs combining the ‘Ring, Spa and the Lotus Tour Rallye. While they each offer a different driving experience the one thing they share is quality and organisation. If you want the ultimate track driving experience, RSR offer the ultimate learning experience.” - Ben Guynan, Advertising Director – Classic & Sports Car

“Big thanks to Ron, Craig, John and all RSR staffs, for all the great work and help, myself and Chris just had one of our best weekends with you guys at the Nurburgring and Spa, your service and knowledge are top notch, we hope could come to you again soon!!” – Kenneth Lam

“I cant think of one word so I’ve thought of a list here goes; Awesome, great instruction, a great company, a great team, great cars, great prices, amazing, unbelievable, friendly staff, welcoming, willing to help, conveniently positioned near the track. If i had to explain my weekend in one word it would be; supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and dare i say it was all down to RSR!!!!! Thank you very much to you and all your team for being so welcoming and fault free every time we use your service!!!!” - Paul Wright

“I did a track day with RSR on June 29th at Spa. Can’t say enough about the level of service from all the staff! The drive to and from Spa was almost as fun as the trackday!! I would definitely do this again. Thanks again to Ron and all the staff at RSR” - Ted Kuehn

“I would like to say once again how great my time was at the Nurburgring. It was mainly down to how professionally, efficiently and brilliantly RSR is run and the awesome staff you have there. Not only was the time on the track a blast (as well as having a couple of brown alerts) but the tour in the Lotus on the Friday topped it off and has given me many happy memories and experiences. I had an absolute ball and have told my friends about it and some of them have vowed to check RSR out when they go to Germany. Once again, Thank you and I hope to be back in the not so distant future! Have a great day, and happy motoring.”- Sam Clements

“Thank you all so much – we all had a really amazing time and you guys really went out of your way to make it perfect! Looking forward to next year…..!” – Joss, Events Manager Ecurie25 Ltd August 2009

“Hi this is Nick and I would like to express my feelings for you and your crew. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for that fantastic experience you provide to all of us last week. THANK YOU for your perfect hospitality. THANK YOU for sharing with us all your knowledge. I knew that I could not consider myself as a top driver at fast driving, but I thought I could stand just ok on a racetrack. You destroyed everything showing us that we know nothing but I also THANK you for that.” - Nick Lyras Athens, Greece 2006

“Just wanted to thank you for a great experience on August 29 with the Alfa! You, Dale and the rest of the team really did make it a memorable day, and Dale’s pre-driving guidance on track protocol and safety was especially clear and helpful. I wanted to thank you, too, for taking the time to suggest places my wife and I to visit while in the area. Both Monreal and Burg Eltz were fascinating places we certainly wouldn’t have discovered without your input, and we really appreciate your advice. Thanks again, Ron. I’m glad to have met you and Dale, and look forward to a return visit. And if you get back to Seattle any time, please give me a call!” – Jon Inge, WA USA august 2009

Showtime over and Ron switched to precise and exacting tuition mode, and for the !rst time ever I learned there are actually turn-in, apex and clipping points hidden away on the track. - Steve Bennett / 911 & Porsche World

“Then, feeling more confident, Ron gave me a passenger lap in the Alfa. This, more than anything else during the day took time off my own laps, simply because it raised the bar in terms of what’s possible. I think it’s possibly the !rst time I’ve ever been scared as a passenger though.” - Rob Mugglestone, Totally911 magazine

Ron I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality. You employ a well run and very professional organization. Tom, Maurice and the entire team at RSR made our visit very worth while. We hope to return to Spa and or the Ring next year. The cars, coaching and support were all !rst class. Judging by the clientele you had on hand you are truly the premier race car rental and professional instruction organization at the worlds most renowned race track; the Nordschleife. Thank you! – William O’Keefe USA, October 2010

This is JV again, Adam’s friend. We didn’t get to meet personally during my trip to the NBR earlier this month, but i wanted to drop you a line to say; thanks very much for a wonderful experience with RSR. While I didn’t get to rent a car from you guys, my mates rented a Clio on the Friday and Saturday, and then the M3 on Saturday, with John as their instructor. Unfortunately, i didn’t get to rent a car from RSR (long story, but there were 6 of us on the trip, so we had to draw straws, and me and 2 of my other mates had to rent from somewhere else), but my friends were very very pleased with RSR, and we’d happily recommend you guys to anyone from here who makes the trip over. - JV Colayco, Manila, Philippines, November 2010