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A brief history of the Spa Area

on October 2017

From 500.000 B.C. when the first human activity was evident in the Ambleve Valley from the Lower Paleolithic up until today, the southern part of Belgium has a very interesting war history surrounding it - from being invaded by Julius Caesar to having their languages changed several times throughout the centuries.

Wallonia has undergone a lot of fragmentation and while it was balancing between conservative and progressive parties; French, Belgian and Dutch rulers, it managed to be the world’s second most important industrial nation after England from 1810 to 1880.

Between 1914 - 1918 Wallonia was at the center of the First World War. Invaded, martyred and occupied, it was an example to the rest of the countries. Upon liberation, this attitude would lead to the City of Liege being awarded the Legion d’honneur by President Poincare. 

Reaching WWII, this time more ready than before, Walloon’s lands stood as territory for many movements of the resistance all focusing against the Nazi invaders. 

From that time on, everyone focused on politics with Flanders and Wallonia debating, pressing and demanding totalitarian authority until 1970 when unitary Belgium became a reality and Wallonia was finally recorded in the Constitution. 

The Belgian state now comprises of four language regions (French, Dutch, German and the bilingual Brussels - Capital Region), three economic regions (Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels) and three cultural communities (French, Flemish and German-speaking). 

- Konstantinos Zannos, RSRSpa Sales

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