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Self drive Spa Francorchamps

The favourite Formula One circuit of many drivers, Spa is also considered to be one of the most beautiful tracks in the world, a spectacular ribbon of tarmac strewn across the stunning Ardenne mountains. Isn't it time you drove this amazing track for yourself?

How can I drive the circuit?

There are essentially three different ways you can drive Spa-Fracnorchamps. On Public Driving Sessions or on a closed track event on a Standard Trackday or an RSRSpa Premium Trackday.

RSRSpa Premium Trackdays

An RSRSpa Premium Trackday is a trackday organised and operated directly by us. This means we can provide the best possible driving experience for each and every one of our trackday users. An RSRSpa Premium Trackday allows you to drive on the track in a safe, friendly environment - It's the best way to experience the track, either in your own car or one hired from us!

Choose this if:

  • You want to get the most out of yout time on track
  • You want drive your own car on track in the best possible environment
  • You want to hire a car and drive in the best possible environment
  • You want to learn the track
  • You want to get out there and do some seious laps

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Standard Trackdays

A standard trackday allows you to drive on track in a closed track event. Because they are operated by different organisers, the rules for driving, format of the day and the amount of enties on track can vary depending on the operators. You can still get some good time on track, but it's also a bit of a gamble to see what organiser you get.

Choose this if:

  • You can't make it to one of our RSRSpa Premium Trackdays
  • You want to drive on track with your own car
  • You want to hire a car to drive on track

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Public Driving sessions (PDE)

With the Public Driving Experience (PDE) it's possible to get on the track for a taste of what the circuit is like. Just for amateurs, the goal is to give everyone a chance to enjoy the most beautiful track in the world. The days are operated and organised by Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps themselves, and are run in a session format.

Choose this if

  • You don't mind driving in short essions of 25 minutes, then waiting for your next session to start
  • You're driving your own car and want to only do a few laps

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Comparison: RSRSpa Premium Trackdays vs. Standard Trackdays vs. Public Driving PDE

RSRSpa Premium Trackday

Standard Trackdays

Public Driving PDE

Trackday Format Trackday Format Trackday Format
​- Open Pitlane (Access the track at any time) - Can vary depending on the organiser. Could be any of the following: 
- Open Pitlane (Access the track at any time)​
- Sessions (Drive for a fixed amount of time, with breaks in between. You can't join in mid-session if you miss the start.)
- Groups (Cars are arranged into groups. Only one group allowed on the track at a time)
- 25 Minute Sessions with a 5 minute break between each session (Drive for a fixed amount of time, with breaks in between. You can't join in mid-session if you miss the start.)
- Maximum of 6 runs per car possible (Pack of 4 runs + 2 extra runs)
Entry Numbers Entry Numbers Entry Numbers
- Limited numbers of cars per event. Maximum of 90 entrants meaning lower numbers of cars on the track at any one time. - Can vary depending on the organiser. Entry numbers can be upwards of 150+ cars, which can cause traffic congestion on track. - Each session can have up to (and normally have) 70 cars. There are 13 sessions in a day, meaning there are hundreds of cars around waiting for their session.
Entry Fee Entry Fee Entry Fee
- €795 for one car and the first driver, (Shoulder season days: €695 and high noise / special format days (110dB): €895) - Can vary depending on the organiser. Lower cost, shoulder season trackdays with more people can start from €400, to double day trackdays in high season for over €2800. - A single 25min session costs €100.
- A pack of four 25min runs costs €290, with the 5th extra session being €90.
Type of Person Attending Type of Person Attending Type of Person Attending
- Like-minded drivers on track ensure a good standard of driving and sportsman-like etiquette
- First timers and amateurs are watched closely and coached by instructors, and are therefore brought up to speed quickly.
- Anyone and everyone.
- Anyone and everyone.​
Overtaking Rules Overtaking Rules Overtaking Rules
- Overtaking on the left hand side only, in corners or in straights, with sportsman-like behaviour encouraged. - Can vary depending on the organiser.
- Some will allow overtaking only on one side, or only on the straights, or only when the person in front lets you past - leaving you at the mercy of the other users on track.
- Either side, but only on the straights.
Restrictions Restrictions Restrictions
- Road registered and Race Cars allowed.
- Cars must be capable sports cars with a reasonable amount of horsepower.
- Race Car entries are limited to keep a good balance of speed on track.
- Street tyres, Slicks, full wets allowed.
- Can vary depending on the organiser.
- Normally only Road registered cars, with road legal tyres
- Any type of car - small modified hatchbacks, "boy racer" cars.
- Can be limited to a certain make or type of car (Porsche, Lotus, Italian etc.)
- Road Registered Cars only, street legal tyres only.
- Any type of cars - small modified hatchbacks, "boy racer" cars.
Safety Safety Safety
- Every entrant must attend a mandatory safety briefing before being allowed on track.
- Guided convoy track walk before the pitlane opens to point out information and cautionary points of the track (Included in entry price)
- Can vary depending on the organiser if a safety briefing is required. Most require this.
- Some organisers allow paid for convoy laps to start.
- Briefing done in French, mandatory to be allowed on track.
- First lap is behind a safety car with no overtaking allowed, getting everyone on to track before free driving commences (which can take up to 5-10 minutes of driving time.
Additionally Included Additionally Included Additionally Included
- Normally runs from the F1 Pitlane. (Endurance pitlane on exception)
- All day catering included.
- Lunch at the Pit Brasserie restaurant included.
- Private pitboxes available for hire.
- Complimentary wine tasting at the end of the day.
- Can vary depending on the organiser
- May run from the Endurance pitlane or the F1 pitlane.
- May include catering, or cost to purchase lunch.
- Runs from the Paddock beside the Endurance Pit Lane
Benefits Benefits Benefits
- Get to learn the track in a better environment, with less cars on track, sharing with better all-around drivers.
- Maximise your track time.
- The best way to learn the circuit.
- Guided Trackwalk gets newcomers to the circuit up to speed quickly.
- Depending on the organiser and the day, you might get some good time on track.
- Low point of entry cost for getting on track
- A good way to experience the circuit casually.
More info: RSRSpa Premium Trackday page More info: Standard Trackday page More info: Public Driving PDE page

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