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Standard Vs. Modified

Have you always wondered just how much difference a set of good quality coil-over suspension would make to your car? What about lightweight alloy wheels and semi slick tyres? How good does a proper exhaust sound? When it comes to modifying your own car, these questions make all the difference - and it's something that most won't have a chance to test, until it's too late.

Welcome to the Standard Vs. Modified programme, allowing you to test the cars first hand - back to back against a standard version of the car. Gain a subjective opinion by testing the car on the road, or a proper "cold-hard-fact" objective test on the circuit - backed up by the lap time and video data.

The subjective road comparison is held on our favourite twisty roads in our part of Germany and Belgium - meaning you get real world experiences; but it gets even better; the circuit used for the track comparison aren't just any local circuit - it's a proper Formula One level race track of Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

Both the Road and Track Comparisons come complete with expert guide(s) and instructor(s), ensuring the highest level of safety and peace of mind.

The Partners

  • KW Suspension
  • BBS Wheels
  • Akrapovic Exhausts
  • Michelin Tyres
  • RECARO seating
  • DTE Systems Chiptuning
  • Race Navigator
  • RSRNurburg
  • RSRSpa

The Programmes

Road Comparison Programme: A subjective back to back test of a standard car and our special modified version in a guided road tour.

  • A guided tour on the public roads
  • Duration: 2 - 3 hours, Starts: 10:00am
  • Tour guide and fuel included
  • Drive both the Standard and Modified Cars

Track Comparison Programme: A proper back to back track comparison experience, with objective data from your laps, driven on Circuit de Spa-francorchamps

  • Driven on Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  • Held on an RSRSpa Premium Trackday
  • 6 laps in a standard car
  • 6 laps in a modified car
  • Includes fuel and entry fees
  • Full time instructor in the car
  • Test both the standard and modified cars

Track Car Rental: Hire any of the cars for use on a trackday, or even a Nürburgring Touristenfahrten session.

  • Hire a single car to drive on track
  • Available for any date or time required (Car availability applicable)
  • Available for Trackdays, or PDE Public Sessions
  • Certain cars require instruction

Bookings / More Information

For more information, you can contact us directly using our contact form or by phone: +32 8727 5116 or e-mail

Booking Enquiry

If you've chosen a date already and know what you'd like, then fill in one of the below booking forms and email it back to us.

  • Standard Vs. Modified Booking form
    Complete this form only after speaking to us. Use this form to book the Standard Vs. Modified program at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

The Website

Check out the website for more info on cars and pricing.


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